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Welcome to my 2012 Bead Journal

The theme in 2012: each month I will make a button with a 2.5" shank, which includes at least one other button on it. The final size of the button comes out to around 3".

The name of the series is BEADazzled Buttons. They are for sale at $75 each.

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Abstract Landscape

Abstract Landscape
Central "sun ray" carved bone button with metal button on top. The sun rays inspired me to form an abstract landscape with flower garden on bottom half using glass beads and aluminum rose, with sky on top half with sun rays, metal stars (with one shooting star) and sequins, using glass beads. Dim: measures 2 7/8"


Hearts and FLowers

SOLDHearts and Flowers
Central heart painted wood button with flowers made of glass, aluminum, polymer, lucite and holographic sequins, leaves made of glass and copper and 3 shell hearts, and 3 pearls on cotton. Includes realistic roses, tulips, pansies and a plum blossom. Dim: measures 3"


Mermaid and healing cancer

SOLDA healing button for cancer with a secret message for the Universe to support the healing. The button is dedicated to my sister who has started chemo this month. The button used is from Synthetic Plastics, a family business, and the button was named the Susan button after my sister.

Having a central mermaid in metal and green resin (my siser loves Mermaids) sitting in a sea cavern against a coral I found on the beach, using glass beads and the following... Amethyst to combat anxiety, Charoite for courage and to eliminate confusion, Malachite to help with detoxification and against tumors and aid with chemo, Pearls which enclose you with an aura of calm and beauty and helps with emotional stress, Red Jasper to help heal cancer, Tiger Eye for courage and combat fear, Rutilated Quartz to aid the immune system and help with radiation and an opal for good luck as this is my sister's birthstone, on purple and green (my sister’s favorite colors) cotton. The 3 Amethysts are hearts for love.
Dim: measures 2.75"


car button

Driving Home
Showing my drive from FL (Palm tree) to my loved ones (hearts) in PA; the ocean is shown on the right and I'm like a butterfly (in metal) flitting from one home to the other; using glass beads, "car" glass button, metal palm tree brad, metal heart, howlite heart and rose quartz heart and sequins, on cotton. Dim: measures 2.75" (without fringe).


May Flowers

May Flowers
May flowers with central real flowers (include a real rose bud) under acrylic using 3 flower buttons (Chinese stencil, wood and shell), glass beads, realistic aluminum roses, glass pansy beads, blue morning glory beads, holographic sequins, silk ribbon flower (dyed by artist) and lucite flower bead, on cotton. Dim: measures about 3".



June in Maine
I teach enameling in June and July at Camp Med-O-Lark, so this month is about ME and thus a lobster (shank button) and the ocean (crackel enamel on copper), surrounded by 10 peacock glass squares to represent my 10th year at camp, using glass beads, on cotton. Dim: measures about 2 5/8".


July 4th

July 4th
celebration with red white and blue (plastic buttons) and fireworks to remember the display at The Blueberry Fields B&B, using glass beads and ceramic rectangular beads, on cotton. Dim: about 2 3/4".



Sunny Days
celebrate the Sun with a Twinkle button as center of the sun using glass beads, on cotton. Dim: measures about 2 3/4"


Hearts and Flowers

SOLD Anniversary
celebrating my 30th anniversay (hearts and metal cupid button) and being in London on vacation (flowers for their gradens), using a handmade lampwork heart bead by Grace Ma, mother of pearl hearts, holographic sequin hearts, aluminum rose, copper leaf, wood flower bead and glass beads, on cotton. Dim: on 2.5" shank, measures about 2 3/4".


Birds and Flowers

My Birthday
with focal use of urea "Karen" buttons using most of my favorite beads including copper birds and aluminum roses and various glass beads, on cotton. Dim: on 2.5" shank, measures about 2 3/4".



beaded cornucopia filled with polymer vegetables and fruits, metal leaf brads and a snap together pumpkin button, using glass beads, silk ribbon and pearls, on cotton. Dim: measures about 2 3/4".


Tree of LIfe

Birth of Liam
Celebrating the birth of my first grand baby, Liam, sitting at the base of the Tree of Life, using glass beads, pearls and a plastic snap-together button of a baby in a tub with blue bubbles, on cotton. Dim: measures about 2 3/4".


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