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Bead Knowledge Center - How To Size Bracelets

Everyone likes to wear their bracelets slightly differently, but here are some guidelines.

Adult Sizing

In general, a bracelet is about 7.5" long (including the catch). When making a custom bracelet, try determining the length by using a flexible measuring tape around the area where you want the bracelet to sit (take a snug but not pulled measurement) and then add .5". Or use the chart:

Wrist Size Bricelet Size in inches
Petite 7 inches
Small 7.25 inches
Medium 7.5 inches
Large 7.75 inches
X-Large 8 inches

Children Sizing

In general, meaure the wrist and add .5" for ages 3 and under, and .75" for ages 3 and over. Or use the chart below.

Age Length of Bracelet
Newborn 4.25 inches
3-6 mo. 4.5 inches
6-12 mo. 4.75 inches
12-18 mo. 5 inches
18-24 mo. 5.5 inches
2- 3 yrs. 5.75 inches
4-5 yrs. 6 inches
6-7 yrs. 6.5 inches
8-12 yrs. 6.75 inches

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