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Bead Knowledge Center - Pearls

Pearls - Care and Handling

  • Care: 
  • Avoid contact with ammonia, bleach, hairspray, perfumes, vinegar and ink. These substances will spot, pit or disintegrate the surface on your pearls. Be sure to put your pearls on after your perfume, makeup and hairspray. Remove your pearls before doing strenuous exercise and do not wear them in the pool as most pools contain chlorinated water. Wearing them to the beach or swimming in the salt water is not a good idea either. Avoid contact with acide foods such as fruit juice and salad dressing. Keep pearls away from humid conditions. Do not store in direct sunlight or use in a tanning bed as the color of both natural and treated colors might fade.

  • Cleaning: 
  • Always wipe pearls with a warm damp washcloth after wearing and before putting them away. Wiping them off will remove any body oils or perspiration which are very harmful to the color of your pearls. Avoid all jewelry cleaners that contain ammonia and never use an ultrasonic cleaner!

  • Restringing:
  • If you wear your pearls frequently, restring them once a year or so. 

    Always use silk cord and knot between each pearl to prevent the pearls from rubbing against each other. With proper care and handling, your pearls will last a lifetime.

  • Storing:
  • Since the finish on pearls is soft and easily damaged or scratched, store pearls in a soft satin pouch or wrapped in soft linen. Pearls need moisture to prevent the nacre from cracking. Do not store pearls in airtight environment for any length of time, especially in a safe deposit box.

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