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Bead Knowledge Center - STone Properties

This section will discuss various stones and what healing and usage properties they have. This is not a complete list - you can google "Stone Properties" for more information.

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January - Garnet: Stability, commitment, devotion; Swarovski Crystal - Siam  

February - Amethyst: Stability, peace, intuition; Swarovski Crystal - Amethyst  

March - Aquamarine: Self expression, courage, preparedness; Swarovski Crystal - Aquamarine  

April - Diamond: Courage, spirituality, healing; Swarovski Crystal - Crystal  

May - Emerald: loyalty, love, sensitivity; Swarovski Crystal - Emerald  

June - Pearl: Faith, purity, sincerity; Swarovski Crystal - Lt. Amethyst  

July - Ruby: Spiritual wisdom, love, wealth; Swarovski Crystal - Siam  

August - Peridot: Friendliness, healing, understanding; Swarovski Crystal - Peridot  

September - Sapphire: Beauty, prosperity, intuition; Swarovski Crystal - Sapphire  

October - Opal: Hope, wealth, health; Swarovski Crystal - Rose  

November - Topaz: Joy, optimism, mental awakening; Swarovski Crystal - Topaz  

December - Turquoise: Valor, protection, cleansing; Swarovski Crystal - Lt. Sapphire

Healing Properties

This list was complied by our own, Judy Lydon.

AMAZONITE: Helps one to focus energies toward tasks; fills the heart with courage and determination; helps attract good luck.

AMETHYST: Soothing all-healer that promotes a temperate nature; helps one break undesired life patterns; is helpful for headaches; blocks geopathic stress.

CARNELIAN: Increases physical energy while it grounds and anchors; gives the wearer courage and confidence; also attracts abundance.

CITRINE: Promotes constructive behavior and a cheerful attitude; also helps one attrack prosperity and abundance.

CORAL: A fertility stone; traditionally used for protection by those who live near the water; also aids arthritis, joints and bones.

GREEN AVENTURINE: A good luck stone; protects one from being drained by other people or tasks.

LAPIS LAZULI: Promotes clear and objective thinking; reduces inflammation and pain; good for meditation.

PEARLS: Increases romantic love, reflects the purity in all things; aids in stress reduction.

QUARTZ: All-healer which amplifies the effects of other stones; clear quartz energizes while opaque sedates and gives stamina.

TURQUOISE: A master healer which strengthens and detoxifies the wearer's system; helps one communicate clearly; attracts prosperity and success.

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