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Bead Knowledge Center

I am excited about sharing beading knowledge with you. I have gained this knowledge after studying beads for many years. This is all my opinion and information from research. If anything is incorrect, I appologize.

  Conversion Calucator for changing between mm and inches.

Table of Contents

Awareness Ribbons

Ever want to make jewelry for awareness and are not sure which color to use. Here is a chart to help you. Here is a cancer-type color chart. This chart was scanned from a Fire Mountain Gems catalogue and this company sells the charms to help make your jewelry.

Beads, Seed

Beading Techniques

When someone says they are a "beader", do you actually know what they create? There are quite a few beading techniques and not everyone does all of them. This section defines the various techniques such as stitching (off loom bead weaving), embroidering, loom work, etc.

This section also includes links to various videos on stitching patterns and are provided free from different on-line bead sellers (who have newsletters for you to sign up for).

Beading Threads

Beading thread comes in a variety of types: fishing line, nylon, silk are a few. The first fishing line was Fireline sold in any fishing store. This is a woven thread and can be pierced with your needle. Other fishing threads cannot, such as Wildfire. Of the nylon types, I like KO and One-G over Nymo because Nymo can shred. But it comes in beautiful colors and can effectively be used. Remember - all the thread exceept fishing line can stretch so they have to be pre-stretched before use. Here's a video that explains a few types.

Crystal Color Charts

Finishing Techniques for Stringing and Stitching

  • Adjustable Knots - great for kid's necklaces/bracelets or for badges and much more
  • French Wire - coiled wire to help protect and hide thread of strung beads/pearls
  • Lark's Head Knot - how to attach donuts and rings without a bail
  • Weaver's Knot - how to attach two pieces of thread when finishing one and starting a new piece

Metals & Wire including:


Sizing Charts

Stone Properties includes:

The Stone Properties page gives information on Birthstones and Healing Stones


How do you store all your beads to make it easy to find what you are looking for. I offer a solution that works well for me. Of course this is a personal thing so you might not like my scheme, but this section tells how I store small beads (all seed beads), crystals and more.

Test Beads for being Colorfast

The technique of beading onto fabric is called Bead Embroidery. But before you decorate your clothing with all your gorgeous beads, you will want to ensure that you can then wash or dryclean your clothes. Thus, it is best to test beads for being colorfast, ie: cleanable. Bead Embroiderer extraordinaire, Robin Atkins, gives free tips on testing beads for being colorfast. If you use dyed or galvanized beads, try coating them using these techniques.

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