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Stitching (Off Loom Bead Weaving) Classes

This form of beading involves using a thin beading needle to stitch beads together in various ways. There are many off-loom bead weaving sitches to learn. The classes defined below are just some. I also teach Sculptural Peyote (also called Free From Peyote) and Fringe classes.

If you are interested in one of these or something that fits with my skills, please email or call 845-597-8386. Also contact me if you would like more photos of items made with these techniques.

All About Peyote

Peyote is an Off-Loom Beadweaving technique that is probably the most versatile of all the stitches. Most beaders know Peyote, but can be confused on all its variations... There is even and odd count; flat, round, and tubular; and regular or sculptural forms including spirals and twists. Do you know what the step-up is? How about the zip-up? Do you know how to start with two needles? What about 2-drop peyote? Have you learned rapid peyote? This class reveals all. The class is mostly lecture, with hands-on samplers.

Spiral Rope

The Spiral Rope stitch is a very versatile stitch in that it can be made into a bracelet, necklace, bag strap, hanger for a wall piece and much more. It is easy to do and very fast. The basic rope is two colors of size 11° seed beads, but variations are many – use from size 15° to 6°, mix sizes, make the spiral one or more colors, add beads in between lengths of rope, and more. But the great thing about this stitch is how easy and fast it is. This class is set up for 3 hours

African Helix Tassel

The African Helix stitch is usually used for bracelets or necklaces. But in this class you will use it to create the top of a tassel, which can be used as a belt loop or purse decoration or as a keychain. If using smaller beads, one can make a cell phone charm with the same instructions. You will also learn about creating fringe and a round peyote ruffle. So it’s almost like three classes in one. This class is set up for 3-5 hours. See more tassels.

Brick Stitch Basics

Brick Stitch is a useful stitch for your tool kit of off-loom bead weaving techniques. It allows you to attach to a object like a donut or wire or a row of beading, thus being able to go off in a new angle from the original piece. There are two basic ways to start Brick Stitch– latch onto an existing object or stitch a row using the ladder stitch and then bead onto that. This shows the attaching to an objecct method, but discusses the other. Students will make a pendant or earring in class.

Crystal Ball

Learn how to use Right Angle Weave and Netting to a beautiful ball made out of crystals and glass beads.

Crystal Flower or Wreath

Learn this cheerful use of Right Angle Weave to make a crystal bead that looks like a flower or wreath, depending on the colors you use. Easy to make, great for earrings.