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Karen L. Cohen

I've has been teaching my entire adult life. In 1970, I started as a high school math teacher before going back for my Masters in Computer Science. Although at that time I stopped teaching in the school system, I have taught classes in every job I've ever had, including grad school where I taught programming. During my retirement, I've taught, for 15 years, at an arts camp (8-16 year olds), art/craft educational centers (like John C Campbell Folk School), community art schools (like The Baum School of Art), museum workshops (like at The Newark Museum) and at bead stores and more.

My love of various craft/art techniques has me sharing my passion with students of all ages from children to adults. I specialize in Cloisonne Enameling and Bead Embroidery, but also work in metalsmithing, ribbon embroidery, doll making, hand embroidery, button making, polymer, metal clay, felting, colored pencil on copper and more.

Here are some of the classes I enjoy teaching. If you are interested in one of these or something that fits with my skills, please email or call 845-597-8386. Also contact me if you would like more photos of items made with these techniques.

Table of Contents:


Fringe, Fringe, Fringe

A Fringe class - who needs that - fringe is easy? But do you know some fancy fringe like branch (coral), corkscrew, zig zap and twisted? In this class you will learn all about fringe – where to use it and how to make it. The perfect embellishment to any beaded or fiber piece. See how fringe can add silky softness to the bottom of a design, make dangles so your design swings, and how adding a 2-bead fringe can enhance a design when you didn’t even think you were making fringe. This class will go over the basics and their variations, and go over the fancy fringe noted above. You will learn the instructor's 1-2/2-1 rule of fringe construction so you can analyze a design you see elsewhere. In addition, you will learn the beaded edging stitch that help position your fringe "at the bottom".

A 3-hour class will result in a sampler of fringe patterns on a ribbon base. An 8-hour workshop will result in making a ribbon amulet bag with fringed bottom.

Fringe Sampler


French Beaded FlowersFrench Beaded Flowers, An Introduction

Love flowers, but don't want to water them? French Beaded Flowers might be the craft for you. Use seed beads to form flowers with shading and leaves. This class will teach the basics: how to use a bead spinner, making basic flowers, leaves and how to make a finished spray of flowers. This is a 8 hour class or 2-day 4 hr workshop.

A workshop on this topic is not currently available.


Ribbon Embroidery - An Introduction

Ribbon embroidery is one of the most beautiful forms of hand work. Many types of ribbon can be used, but silk ribbon is just wonderful. In this class students will learn the basics and many stitches of flowers, leaves, dragonflies and borders. A second day class also covers dying your own silk ribbon - so easy to do. The instructor usually combines this technique with bead embroidery, but it can be used by itself to create many wonderful hand made items. This workshop is set up for 8 hours, 2-4 hour sessions or 2 days to include the ribbon dying.


Needle Felting - Painting with Fiber,
An Introduction

Learn how to use a specialized barbed needle to felt wool roving, yarns, silk and more into embellishments for purses, eye glass cases and much more. The students will learn how to layer vaious colors of materials to "paint with fiber". This embellishment method is easy to do and quick. This is a 3 hour class.