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Reticualted Foiled technique (gold and silver files) with Sgraffito sun rays, black underglaze used for a Chinese Brush painted wild orchid. Includes flower wafers and f/s twisted wire and balls. Note: becuase of the design a lot of gold and silver foil is covered by the ground on the bottom .Artist Trading Cards (ATC) and
Artist Cards Editions and Originals (ACEO)

I became interested in ATCs when I found some on the web. ATCs have two requirement: they have to be 2.5" x 3.5" and they have to be swapped, not sold. I've also found out about ACEOs - those Artist cards that can be sold - they are originals and editions. Same size. The artwork for ATCs/ACEOs can be anything, but typically they are either painted or decorated with stamping designs. I decided to make some by beading and/or enameling!

I first did a series of ATCs for my Bead Journal Project for 2011. These were fun to do. In 2014 I found the material Shibori Silk Ribbon, then being used by many bead embroiders. I fell in love. Thus my 2015 ATC/ACEOs were started. During COVid, I didn't have many shows to do so I started my enameled ones.

If you would like to trade with me or see a larger version of one of them, please call or email me. If you want to trade, that's great, but I'd appreciate if you make a few so I can have a choice as you have a choice of mine. I'm willing to trade various materials and techniques (like pottery, painted or just metals to name three), not just beaded or enameled.

Note: if you want to do enameled ones on copper, check out this site: who is offering a one time use per person discount code: kcenamel10

See the ones I've already traded and what I traded for.

Available for Trading


High fire technqiue with attached score and fold 5-pointed star also done with same. Includes Dichro Frit Flakes and F/S twisted wires and balls


Bottom is high fire technqiue with opalescent white over transparent blue top part. Includes flower wafers, F/S twisted wires and balls and a gold fired decal of a butterfly


High fire webbing technique over Foldformed copper with an enamel "opal" and 24K gold dots





ATC enameled

This uses a technique called Nebula, includes a pierced design that is wired with fine silver balls on top



This uses the high fire webbing design and the Nebula techniques along with "Enamel Leaf"


ginko eutectic

The ginko leaves are done by stenciling and they are the Eutectic Effect. The background is separation enamel and gold is a mica pen



ATC foldformed enameled

Foldformed with top portion using the High Fire Webbing Design. Supplements used: fine silver twisted wire and balls, lumps, Dichroic Frit Flakes, gold foil and copper cloisonne wire.

I'm holding this one back. Speak to me if you want to trade with it.



High fire technique using LF enamels with LB lumps on the bottom, using
Dircho Frit Flakes, flower wafers, f/s twisted wire and balls and gold foil.


ATC beaded

Bead Embroidery using glass beads, bamboo and Tauga nut. This ATC was created as part of my Bead Journal Project 2011. It represents Gardening in Florida.



ATC/ACOE Underwater scene with beads and ribbon

Bead, Ribbon and Thread Embroidery - underwater scene using Silk Hanky (needle felted in), various ribbons (two with wire edges), golden mesh, glass beads, plastic sequins, metal and glass fish, Pearl Cotton, metal spacers and yarn, on cotton.


ATC ACOE beaded

Bead Embroidery using pleated silk ribbon, torch fired enamel "vase", embroidery floss as bullion knots, glass beads and glass cat's eye beads, on cotton.


ATC with troched fired enamel focal

Bead Embroidery on cotton with focal of torched fired copper Basse Taille using glass beads, pearls, pleated silk ribbon, Swarovski Crystals and a Swarovski pearl.


ATC beaded with Shibori Pleasted Skilk Ribbon

Using focal turquoise and silver bead, Shibori Pleated Silk Ribbon, glass beads, copper spacers, glass pearls, gold stone, a turquoise carved bird, Swarovski Crystals and pearls.



ATC beaded

Bead Embroidery on cotton with focal lucite dome over an alcohol painting I did, using pleated silk ribbon, and glass beads.



ATC and hand made bead

Bead Embroidery on cotton with focal hand made bead by Tim Yates (MOL) using pleated silk ribbon, glass beads, pearls, Swarovski Crystals and 2 types of other fabric.





I'm Keeping For Myself (lol)

Silken ATC - #2698: This is a series of ATCs that started because the 1st two included an albalone bead that I had. They were so different, using the same larger bead, that I decided to make a series, as I have 8 of these beads. I'll see how many different colors schemes I can create with .I kept these and framed them.

ATC Shibori Silk


ATC Shibori Silk


ATC - Artist Trading Card


Artist Trading Card with Shibori Silk Ribbon


Artist Trading Card ATC with Shibori Silk Ribbon



Already Traded

I also traded these others that were part of a series: Bead Journal Project for 2011



ATC enameled

Closionne using copper wires, with a Raku firng at the end. Using gold foil and Dichro Frit Flakes

Swapped with Cullen Hackler



#2764 - similar to the series above

ATC w/ pleated silk Shibori ribbon

Traded with Paulie Rollins-
Oil Painted Frog/Peacock.

#2773 - Similar to the Series Above

ATC Bead Embroidery and Shibori Silk Ribbon



ATC with shibori pleated silk ribbon

Using glass beads, pearls, Sworovski Crystals and metal bead frames, on cotton.
Note: this pix does not do justice to the colors and shine of these elements.

Traded with Judy Ebert for
Repoussé Flowers on Copper



ATC with Basse Taille torched fired enamel

With focal of torch fired Basse Taille enamel on copper, using glass beads, pearls, metal spaers and Swarovski Crystal sequins


ATC/ACEO with bone carved heart

Bead Embroidery with focal hand carved bone design with heart, with Pleated Silk Ribbon and needle felted silk hanky, using glass beads, pearls and gold colored spacer beads.

Traded with Callie Gray for 2 textured paint with beads


ATC with Reverse Painted Glass

Bead Embroidery using pleated silk ribbon, reverse painted glass (by artist), glass beads, metal spacers, crystals, and Swarovski Pearls, on cotton.