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Spirit Dolls

These dolls are infused with energy and symbolism. In general, these are all custom made using bead embroidery and other techniques. I have also joined a group for Goddess Dolls and these are listed separately. And sometimes I work on challeneges that are other dolls. Although many of my dolls are custom made, here is a list of dolls for sale.

Click on the image to see a larger view and to read about it's symbolism. In the larger view, roll your mouse over the image to see the back of the doll.

The are done by custom order only and are in the $100 range. I also sell enameled and etched faces for other beaders to use.

Projects - these dolls were done for specific projects

The Go-Green Goddess

Demin Challenge

1947 Mother Earth

Mother Earth - Help Wanted

Friendship Dolls




2031 Friendship Doll



Daughter Goddess

I Love You Goddess


Daughter Goddess


2053 - I Love You Goddess



Happiness Dolls


Blue Bird of Happiness


Healing Dolls


Healing Doll









Bereavement Doll