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collageStudio ButtONs - Felted

Here are some of my buttons using yarns, merino wool roving and silk and other fibers, with a cotton fabric background. These buttons can also be worn as pendants or pins. Contact me for sales or questions.

Cost: 1 1/8"felted shank button = $20.00; 1.5" felted shank buttons = $25.00.

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Limited Edition of 10: Moody Bee #2880

Bead Embroidery with focal bee mood bead (this bead changes color based on your mood/temperature), using glass beads, merino wool roving and silk fibers, on cotton. $25 Large. Archive of other buttons in this LE.

Bee button on felt


Bee button on felt


Limitd Edition of 2:
Hand You My Heart #2870

Bead Embroidery and Needle Felted button with focal metal hand holding a heart, using merino wool roving and silk threads, glass beads and metal spacers, on cotton. Size: Large. Price: $20 Archive of other buttons in this LE.

Hand with a Heart button

This one is sold, but I can make you another in the LE - just email me




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