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2186 - PeacockStudio Buttons - Commissions

As an artist, I'm happy to create something special for you. Custom buttons can be created for almost any reason, but here are a few: you want to gift a button to a friend who holds something dear; you want a special button with a message inside for healing, love, friendship, etc.; or maybe you want a specific button to complete a collection that you love or for an upcoming Award. I can create something just for you based on an image you give me or a color scheme you want or a theme of interest.

Below show some images or items that were given to me to reproduce. But sometimes I'm given a wish list like "a lily of the valley" button. In these cases, I work from my own study.

You can see other commissions, for non-button items, that I have created. In additions to buttons, i also create jewely, boxes, wall pieces, dolls and more. Staying creative is my goal and I hope I can make something special for you.

Pineapple button

Bead embroidery with focal beaded pineapple, using glass beads, silk ribbon and Swarovsky crystals, on cotton. Large


Gymnast button

Focal sterling gymnast using glass beads (including a cat's eye bead), Swarovski crystals and poly ribbon, on cotton. This button has 4 borders (2 interrupted buttons). large

Airplane button

Bead Embroidery with focal metal and rhinestone and resin (cold plastic enamel) airplane using glass beads, and silk ribbon, on cotton. Large

crab fabric button


Bead Embroidery with focal metal and crystal crab amongst silk ribbon, eyelash yarn and other ribbon, using shell, turquoise, coral, goldstone and glass beads, on cotton. Large

dancer button

Enameled rounded corner rectangular copper with the high fire technique using leaded and unleaded eanmels with focal of Get Up and Dance decal (transfer) with gold paillons and fine silver balls. Large

card set of buttons

Enameled hand cut rounded corner copper rectangles using the crackel enamel techique with black decals (transfers) of the card suits. Set of 4, one of each suit, labeled a, b, c, d

teddy bear button

Focal metal and rhinestone teddy bear, using glass beads, metal spacers and silk ribbon, on cotton.

Kokopelli button

Enameled rounded corner copper rectangle with focal of Kokopelli (decal/transfer), using unleaded enamels, gold paillons and fine silver twisted wire and balls. Large

Indian Princess button

Focal porcelain Indian Princess head (by artist Brenda Miller) using glass beads and coral with a feather attached, on cotton.

acorn button

Emaux Peints enameled medallion shaped copper with focal of 2 acorns and oak leaves in the fall. large

cornacopia button

Focal beaded cornucopia including both fruit and vegetables, using glass beads, polymer clay and resin (the resin ones are buttons), fibers, plastic leaf sequins, on cotton. X-Large.

Birds On a Wire Button

Enameled 1 5/8" copper oval with focal Birds on a Wire decal (tranfer), using unleaded vitreous enamels background using the Pull-Through enamel technique.

Artist Palette

Focal metal and resin (cold plastic enamel) artist palette, using glass beads, on cotton.

Crazy Quilt Button

Bead, Silk Ribbon and Thread Embroidery in a crazy quilt design using glass beads, metal drayonfly beads, paisely in a steel cup button, Swarovski Crystals, silk ribbon, fiber ribbon and hematite stars, on cotton.

Clown button

Focal focal metal and rhinestone clown balancing on a ball with lower half moveable, using glass beads, dyed Imperial Jasper, Swarovski Crystals and pleated silk ribbon, on cotton.

Collector says: I must say that it exceeds all my expectations. It's just beautiful!! ... Thank you again for giving me the best clown button ever.

Poodle dog button

Enameled poodle shaped copper using the Gin Bari technique with vitreous unleaded enamel and reflector glass bits for the poodle's poms.

Stinkhorn Mushroom button

Focal Stinkhorn Mushroom with fly attracted to its smell, using glass beads, ribbon, pearl cotton thread, Swarovski Crystals, metal leaves and tulle, on cotton. Large

Collector's comments: You did an outstanding job in every detail, congrats, welcome to the Kingdom Fungi!

Stinkhorn MushroomsVery interesting fungus. As per Wikipedia: Phallus impudicus, known colloquially as the common stinkhorn, is a widespread fungus recognizable for its foul odor and its phallic shape when mature, the latter feature giving rise to several names in 17th-century England. It is a common mushroom in Europe and western North America, where it occurs in habitats rich in wood debris such as forests and mulched gardens. It appears from summer to late autumn. The fruiting structure is tall and white with a slimy, dark olive colored conical head. Known as the gleba, this material contains the spores, and is transported by insects which are attracted by the odor—described as resembling carrion. Despite its foul smell, it is not poisonous and immature mushrooms are consumed in parts of France and Germany.

Pineapple button

Bead Embroidery wtih focal beaded pineapple using glass beads, plastic sequins and Swarovski Crystal sequins, on cotton. Large

fairy button

Focal metal fairy, using glass beads and pearl buttons, on cotton. Large

Infinity Button

Focal Infinity Symbol, using silk ribbon dyed by artist, glass beads and Swarovski Crystals, on cotton. Large

Mexican Girl button

Focal metal photo frame of little Mexican girl (photo supplied by collector), using flowers of glass, aluminum, copper, lucite, hematite, and Swarovski Crystal, and glass beads, on cotton.

Girl with Kite

Focal tri-metal girl flying a kite, using glass beads, pearls, sequins and sunstone, on cotton.
Extra Large

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty
sitting on a wall, surrounded by flowers, using glass beads, aluminum rose, metal rose, glass pearls, plastic sequin, copper arms/hands, chaulk accent on face and Swarovski Crystal rondells with movable legs and repositional arms, on cotton. Extra Large

Ship button

Focal metal ship on a rolling sea using glass beads, pearls and Swaovski Crystals, on cotton. Large

Bicycle Built For Two button

Focal painted metal and faux pearl bicycle build for two with rhinestone wheel centers, using polyester ribbon, glass beads, pearls and shell hearts, on cotton. Large

The requirement was use the bicycle built for 2 and a heart

Leaf button

Focal metal leaves using ribbon, glass beads, lucite flower, Swarovski Crystals and pearls. Size: Large

Mermaid button

Focal snap together mermaid using pleated silk ribbon, pearls, shell, coral, turquoise and glass beads, on cotton. Large

Comment by Collector: ... It is really a piece of art ... you did a fantastic job - thanks so much.

Artist Palette Button

Focal metal Artist Palette using glass beads and Swarovski Crystal Sequins, on cotton. Size: Large

African Woman cameo button

Focal resin cameo of African Woman with orange background, using pleated silk ribbon, glass beads and glass cat's eye beads with a double border, on cotton. Size: Extra Large

Comment by Collector: Absolutely gorgeous

Emit Kelly Clown button

Focal metal and resin Emit Kelly Clown, using glass beads and sequins, on cotton. Size: Large

Comment by Collector: I got home from work tonight and your fabulous button was waiting for me. Emit looks better than I could of imagined, I appreciate you making him for me.

Chinese Woman's Head

Focal Chinese woman's head (lampworked glass), using pleated silk ribbon, glass beads, glass pearls and Swarovski Crystal sequins, on cotton. Size: Large

Comments by Collector: ... I think it is quite beautiful, not like I had imagined, but perhaps better.


Focal metal and rhinestone turtle with moving parts, using glass beads, pearls, bamboo and Swarovski Crystal sequins, on cotton.


Focal devil using glass beads and Swarovski Crystal Sequins, on cotton. Dim: Large

Comment by collector: "WOW!! The devil has arrived and he is quite the scary fella and just as I wanted him. I adore the design, beads and the fabric is beyond perfect."

Hot air balloon

Cloisonne Enameled hand-cut fine silver hot air balloon, using leaded vitreous enamels, fine silver mesh and gold foil. Dim: 1 3/4" x 2 1/8"


Commission was for an enameled Buck with Antlers
Enameled copper square with focal buck and doe in the forest (black decal/transfer), using unleaded vitreous enamel. Dim: 1.5"

Comment by collector: "It is great. Thank you very much for your time and creativity."


Commission: realistic squirrel
Limoges enameled hand cut squirrel shaped copper, using unleaded and leaded vitreous enamels and Sunshine Painting enamels. Dim: 1.5" x 1.25"

Comments by collectors: "Thank you so much. We love the squirrel. He is adorable!!!"


Commission: include a pineapple.
Bead and Thread Embroidery with focal metal and resin (cold plastic enamel) pineapple, using glass beads, Swarovski Crystal Sequins and pearl cotton, on cotton. Dim: 1 7/8"

Comment by my collector: "The pineapple button arrived today, and it is even more beautiful than I hoped for. Thank you! You do amazing work. I am pleased and proud to add this to my tray."

Watch Face button

This commission was to do a black and white button using the watch face, the tear drop beads and with a leather, not, metal backing. Focal enameled watch face, using glass beads and Swarovski Crystal bicones and sequins, and pearls with moveable clock hands and a backing of leather with a sterling silver shank, on cotton. Dim: 2 7/8"

This button was on a winning tray.

Stress button

Healing button for Stress: using Lepidolite, Amazonite, Amethyst, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Malachite and glass beads, on cotton. Dim: 1 7/8". Read about the inside message and meaning of the stones here.

Comment from my collector: It is beautiful! Wearing it now - reminds me to stay calm. Thank you so much.

Christmas Tree

Focal gold colored metal Christmas Tree (this was a button and was backmarked JHB), using glass beads, sequins, Swarovski Crystal sequins, pearls and pearl cotton embroidery thread, on cotton. Dim: on 1.5" shank, measures 2".

Cat and the Fiddle

Focal button of Cat and The Fiddle, using glass and metal beads, on cotton. I was given the button and asked to do something in lime green. Dim: on 1 1/8" shank, measures 1 3/8" without fringe.

These two buttons were made for the same collector who sent me the focals.


Bead Embroidery with focal carved jade turtle, using glass beads, coral, pearls, turquoise and Swarvorski Crytal Sequins, on cotton. Dim: on 1 1/8" shank, measures 1.75"


Bead Embroidery with focal fox head in copper and silvertone metal with rhinestone eyes, using a metal spacer and glass beads, on cotton. Dim: on 1 1/2" shank, measures 1 7/8" with fringe.

I have created 75 favor buttons for the Washington State Button Society Show 2013. The theme is the Wild Wild West and my buttons include 5 designs. Check them out.

Lone Wolf

Healing Button


Bead Embroidry on a cotton. This is a healing button with saying: May The Universal Support Your Healing Process. Background is a crazy quilt as the collector creates crazy quilts and she gave me the Cameo, which was her grandmother's, and she wanted it surrounded by lace. Symbolism: Amethyst to combat anxiety; Charoite for courage and to eliminate confusion; Hematite for grounding and protection; Kyanite to balance body/mind/spirit - align the chakras and for peace in your heart; Malachite to help with detoxification and against tumors; Pearls - Encloses you with an aura of calm and beauty; helps with stomach, digestion and emotional stress; Red JasperÊ to help heal cancer; Rutilated Quartz to aid the immune system; Rose Quartz for universal love; love of self; Butterfly (Swarovsky Crystal) represents Everlasting Life; and two hearts for love. Dim: on 1.5" shank, measures 1 7/8"


Camel button


camelTo make this button, i was given the pin to the right.

The design came from this quote from the Bible:
"I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. When the disciples heard this, they were greatly astonished and asked, ÒWho then can be saved?" Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." Matthew 19:23-26.

Description: Bead Embroidery with focal Mother-of-Pearl Camel from Oliveart, using glass beads, metal spacers, a Swarovski Crsytal Sequin and a needle, on cotton.



Poodle Dog


This button is the 3rd in a series, which is called AKC Beauties, of pewter dogs. I prefer to make these custom so you can choose the dog you like (I would buy it and make the button). These pewter images are signed by the artist. See others in this series.

Easter Lily

Easter Lily

I was asked to create a button with an Eatser Lily and found this locket on the web.

Bead Embroidery with focal gold plated locket (which still opens to accept a photo) with Easter lilies and cross with rhinstones, using glass beads, Swarovski Crystal sequins and lucite frosted flowers, on cotton. Dim: on 1 7/8" shank, measures 2.25"


Survivor Button - Breast Cancer

Survivor Button

with message of "I am so blessed" inside -
Bead Embroidery using focal pink bead for breast cancer; Red Jasper to guard against cancer; Malachite for confidence; Rose Quartz for love; Charoite for courage; Rutilated Quartz to help the immune system; Pearls to enclose you with an aura of calm and beauty, stimulates spiritual transformation and signifies faith and helps one to focus; flowers because you love gardening; and glass beads, on cotton. Dim: on 1 1/8" shank, measures 1 5/8".

Shih Tzu

This button is the 2nd in a series, which is called AKC Beauties, of pewter dogs. I prefer to make these custom so you can choose the dog you like (I would buy it and make the button). These pewter images are signed by the artist. See others in this series.


Bead Embroidery with focal Sterling Silver Isis with lapis triangles, carnelian and glass beads, on cotton. Dim: on 1 1/8" shank, measures 1.5"



Cloisonne and Basse Taille (roll printed wavy lines pattern) on fine silver of Iris, using vitreous leaded enamel and gold foil, with fine silver balls on top. Dim: 1"

Lily of the Valley


Cloisonne and Basse Taille (roll printed scrunge) of Lily of the Valley on fine silver using vitreous leaded enamels with fine silver wires with green luster and fine silver balls on top. Dim: 1".



This button is the 1st in a series, which is called AKC Beauties, of pewter dogs. I prefer to make these custom so you can choose the dog you like (I would buy it and make the button). These pewter images are signed by the artist.

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Eugenie's Hat from The Royal Wedding.
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