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Precious Metal Clay (PMC)

Silver Metal Clay is a material in which fine silver slivers are embedded into a binder that can be worked like clay. It is then fired and the binder burns out leaving the fine silver (and the piece shrinks). This page shows pieces that I have done in PMC.

#431 - Necklace
Title: Not Just A Clay Heart
Cloisonné in PMC heart with an abstract and heart design with f/s wires and gold foil under heart; transparent leaded vitreous enamels; fine silver granulation balls and twisted wire on surface, strung on necklace of pearls and lapis (6mm) beads with a handmade ss heart catch with lapis beads; heart: 1 5/8” w x 1.25” h; necklace: 18”.

This piece has been shown in two books and one magazine article.

#85 - PMC pendant with a pinwheel design in blue and green enamels, Basse-Taille background, on 18" sterling box chain.About 1.25" square

#104 - PMC bead under a carved Carnelian donut. This piece is now part of a beaded wall piece.