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Brooches - Triplebility Series

These pieces are a collaboration with my sister, Susan Jo Rochlin, a pearl and bead artist. It is our series called Triplebility - three pieces of jewelry in one: a pin, the pin as a pendant on a beaded/pearled chain, the chain by itself with a handmade clasp.

Also see Brooches and then my sister's site for more Triplebility pieces.


#348 - Cloisonné on fine silver (1 1/2” disk) with fine gold foil and fine gold and silver wires; transparent and opalescent leaded vitreous enamels; fine silver granulation balls and twisted wire, and gold overglaze on top with a hole in the “7 o’clock” position - fringed beading with pearls and gold glass beads inside hole; set in fine silver with 22K bezel and line engraving with a hand made pin finding. Optional necklace of pink stick, blue keishi, pink and blue sister and large lined pink peals with handmade ss S-clasp with large pink pearl center. Pin dimension is 2”; necklace is 16”. In Triplebility series.

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Golden Heart

KC368 - Covered box with wearable art pin/necklace - Cloisonné and Guilloche (sun burst design) on fine silver (7/8” disk) with 24K gold and fine silver wires and gold foil in a heart and abstract design; transparent and opalescent leaded vitreous enamels; fine silver granulation balls and twisted wire on top; set in fine silver with line engraving, 22K gold bezel, back has a sterling silver hand made pin findings and pierced heart design. Set on top of a covered turned wood box with handles in Jatoba and Ebony woods, by wood artist Harvey Goodman. Optional necklace of gray pearls, amethyst beads and turquoise Swarovski crystals with a handmade ss S-clasp with gray pearl center. Pin demension is 1.5” circle; necklace is 16”. Box is 5.25” round, 6 3/8” wide at handles, 2.75” high.

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