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Wall Pieces

Below are my enameled wall pieces, some with wear/useable parts. I also create beaded wall pieces, again, some with wearable parts and some with enamels in them.

For each of these, if you roll your mouse over the image, you will see the piece framed.

Orchid #91 - Odontoglossum Rossi Orchid. Cloisonne with Basse Taille background, silver and gold wires, and 3-D fine silver balls in the outer border. Size: 2" cloisonne, 8" overall.

Featured in the book "Contemporary Enameling" by Lilyan Bachrach.

This is the first in a series of orchids that I plan to create. This is a display piece only.

Won 3rd place (wall piece) in Enamel Guild/NE 2000 show.

Chinese Dragon wall piece #97 - 4 tile Cloisonne on file silver including 24K gold foil and wires and fine silver filings; transparent and opalescent leaded vitreous enamels; set on aluminum, backed with blue fabric and framed. Dim: of enamel on aluminum - 13"w x 19" h; framed - 14 3/8"w x 20 3/8"h x 3/4"d.

#227 - "Paisley Reflection" - Wall piece, purse mirror - Cloisonné on fine silver with 24K gold and fine silver foil, leaded transparent enamels. Outside Dimension is 2". Framed in a shadow box with door to remove mirror, which has carrying pouch behind the matting. Framed dim: 9" x 9" x 1"

There is no roll over view for this image.

Won 2nd place (wall piece) in Enamel Guild/NE 2000 show.

Archived Pieces

Odontocidium Orchid with Birds

Odontocidium Orchid with Birds