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Doll Faces - unset

This page has doll faces for use by any doll maker. They are in the 1" range and suitable for setting with a bezel in metal or beading. See some of my dolls that use these faces. Custom orders can be accommodated - custom shape, color scheme, type of mouth or eyes, etc. These can also be done in the CLoisonne technique, but would then cost much more.

Other jewels are ready to be set by other artists or for a custom piece.

Reticulated Foils Enameled Faces

Enameled faces are usually one-of-a-kind, but might be duplicated. Enameled faces are $25 each in either 7/8" or 1". Unless otherwise noted, the faces shown are: unleaded enamels, with fine silver wire and ball, gold decal and flower wafer. Dim: 1"




Etched faces

These come in the following expressions. However, I would make a custom face if you send me a drawing (pricing is dependent on design). Etched faces are duplicated, not one-of-a-kind. All are on copper.

Pricing: under 1" is $10; 1" is $12.

Face #2391

Face #2392

FAce #2393

Face #1b

Face #1a