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Here are some of my commissions. I find that sometimes people want me to make a cloisonne of a deceased pet as a memorial. Or they have a special design that they want done in enamels. Whatever your need, whether it's to reproduce an image from a picture or do a new custom design, I would be happy to hear from you.

If you are interested in a custom enameled piece, please fill in the form provided.

The kitty is a graphic on customer's boat name - The Cat's Meow.

His wife said: "I just love the pin and earrings. I've worn them ...[and] enjoyed them every time I caught a glimpse of them. The cat is just right, and I love the asymmetrical earrings!"

Crescent Moon done in the Champleve technique of enameling, on sterling silver.

A father who once had dreams of his own of being a cartoonist designed this pendant for his daughter as an inspiration as she pursues her own dream of becoming an artist/writer and leaving a mark on the world. Using his character of an ant, it illustrates the father’s wish that she “Leave a Footprint”.

This pendant is a Triple Yin Yang w/ hearts, commissioned by a young man for his girlfriend's birthday. The jewel is 3/4", the full piece is 1" and the setting is sterling silver with a back that has a cutout of a heart which shows a foil heart that is on the back of the enamel. My customer said: "... the piece looks great. I very much appreciate your willingness to work with me on getting the design details right. I am so pleased with it, and looking forward to giving this gift."
Triple Ying Yan

This was a piece done for a custom jeweler in MI. They were commissioned by a long time customer of theirs who designs jewelry inspired by his and his wife's life. 

I created the Cloisonné Enamel. Their head goldsmith, Randall Counts, engineered and fabricated the pendant/pin, the flush set diamonds, the cherry wood frame, and the duality of the piece as a pendant or a pin. The back of the piece has an extra surprise. To represent the customer's trip to Kitty Hawk, there is a cut out showing the silhouette of the Wright Brothers' first plane.

The front of the piece mimics the stained glass windows recently installed in their customer's home.

Here is the drawing I was first sent...

This unique pendant/pin was done for Abracadabra

Saving Little HeartsThis piece is a pendant of the logo for the Saving Little Hearts which is dedicated to helping children with congenital heart defects and their families by providing financial and emotional assistance and educational information. Saving Little Hearts also strives to provide enriching, educational and fun experiences for these children which will help them build friendships and confidence. My buyer said: "You did a fantastic job! I'm really pleased with how it turned out." Saving Little Hearts

This image was designed by three brothers for their mother's 80th birthday. The 3 larger pearls represent the 3 sons and the 7 smaller pearls represent 7 grandchildren. The mom was born in Sweden so the Cloisonné has the Swedish Flag with her initials at the bottom.

Hard to see the dove pendant on Leigh's neck, but you can see how happy she is with it.  

Ramone - a double yellow headed amazon parrot with a Basse Taille background. The branch he sits on is done with gold foil to make it have a bark type look. Ramone's owner says: "Ramone was a hit. Everyone in the family liked him.
Butch thought it was nice and he's really picky."

Taffy - a mix breed dog w/ a Basse Taille background. His kercheif is done with pieces of gold foil. Taffy sits on a sterling silver box. The jewel is about a 1.5" circle. Taffy's owner says: " Received the box today. Thank you so much! It's perfect!! Your work is incredible -- you really captured her essence."

Triple Yin-Yang symbol Tattoo.The owner had this done for her 35th birthday and commissioned me to make a cloisonne of it to give to a friend. the jewel is about a 1" circle. The ower says: "The piece turned out even better than I imagined -- it's absolutely perfect! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!"