The Art of Fine Enameling Home Page

Here is a list of every artist who has a finish piece in the book, along with the page number(s) of their photos and some information about the pieces.

Feel free to print this out and keep with your copy of the book for future reference.

Abbey, Rita Deanin Pg 133: "Gondwanaland, B-18" 2001 Dim - 27 1/2"h x 40 1/2"w x 7"d; Tech - Painting and spraying of Porcelain enamel fired on hammered steel
Almeyda, Diane Echnoz Pg 3, 100, 101, 102: Plique-a-jour
Balazs, Harold Pg 6: "Homage" Door. Dim - 6.5' w x 9.5' h; Tech - Stencil and sifting, torched fired

Pg 11: "Warrior in Red" Dim - 14" square; Tech - Stencil champleve with gold leaf on steel. 1998

Beatty, Sheila Pg 133: Untitled; Dim - 3 1/4" x 2 1/8"; Tech - F/S cloisonne set in S/S w/14k gold & gems
Berg, Geraldine M. Pg 71
Brannon, Rebecca Pg 12: Dim - 1" X 1/2" X 3/4"
Techs: Fusing, granulation, and wet packing on fine and sterling silver
Buchwald, Donna Pg 2: "Mask-erade" Dim - four cubes - 2 1/2", 2", 1 3/4", and 1 1/2"; Tech - Cloisonné on fine silver
Butt, Harlan W. Pg 4: "Earth Beneath Our Feet" Incense Burner #6. 2000 Dim - 7" cube; Tech - Cloisonné using silver, enamel, copper
Chuduk, Mary Pg 9:"Flying and Falling" Dim - 10"w x 3" h x 10" d; Tech - Camaieu on copper

Pg 65: "Stroke" Dim - 1.5" w x 3" h x 1.5" d; Tech - Camaieu on copper

Clark, Anne Pg 37: Pin. Dim - 2" square. Tech - sifting with etched and stoned matte surfaces; Inside square (purple and black) is emeried. the rest (light blue on inside and greena nd red on outside) are underfired and matted with Etch-All.
Clearlake, Alana Pg 7: "Fallen Leaf" 2002; Dim - 5" x 6" x 5.5""; Tech - Plique-à-jour on coppr mesh basket; liquid enamel; sifted and wet-packed enamle, lusters
Cohen, Karen L. Pg 25: "Odontocidium Tigersun Orchid" Dim - Cl. is a 3" sq. with slate being a 9" sq.; Tech - Cloisonné on fine silver including silver foil; transparent and opalescent leaded enamels; fine silver granulation balls and twisted wire on top surface; set on hand cut slate.

Pg 34: photo #34 - "Yellow Rose" stickpin. Dim - 1" tall; Tech - Cloisonné on fine silver

photo #33: pin/pendant Dim - 3/4" jewel; Tech - Cloisonné paisley w/ yellow/orange Basse Taille background set in fine silver roll printed with same design as the Basse Taille and studded w/ carnelian beads

Pg 35: back of my Cloisonné project piece. This back was Sgraffitoed with break-through and has black overglaze

Pg 50: left - this design is the symbol of the Paperweight Collectors Association logo. Dim - 1.25" jewel; Tech - Cloisonné on fine silver set in a fine silver classical Roman Setting on a double loop-to-loop chain.

right - "Peacock Pendant" Dim - 1" jewel; Tech - Cloisonné on fine silver with sivler foil set in reticulated silver, sterling and 14K gold design with black opal and a fresh water pearl

Pg 51: "Wilsonara Lyoth Ruby Orchid" wall piece. Dim - of 4 tiles on aluminum - 13"w x 19" h. framed on blue fabric in an aluminum frame overall dim - 14 3/8” w x 20 3/8” h x 3/4” d. Tech - Cloisonné on file silver including 24K gold foil and wires and fine silver filings; transparent and opalescent leaded enamels

right - earrings. Dim - 1/2" square jewels; Tech - Cloisonné on fine silver with fine gold foil on top set in fine silver setting with rice pearls.

lower left - "Sunflower" Dim - 1.5" jewel; Technique - Cloisonné on fne silver with roll printed Basse Taille background and fine silver granulation balls and fine gold foil on top, set in a sterling silver hinged box imported from Mexico.

lower right - 3 pins, all Cloisonné on fine silver set in beads and pearls by Susan J. Rochlin

Pg 55: "Abstract Landscape" Dim - 2" outside dim; Tech - Cloisonné on fine silver with f/s foil and f/s granulation balls on top

Pg 145: "Paisley Reflection" Purse mirror. Dim - 2" circle; Tech - Cloisonné on fine silver with f/s and gold foil. This piece is framed in an 8" square shadow box with a door to remove the mirror; the pouch to carry it in hides behind the frame's matting.

Cole, Maureen Pg 105: "Feather Blues" Dim - 6" w x 8" h;
Conrad, Ute Pg 124: "Chinatown" 2000 Dim - 8" sq, with frame - 13" sq by 1"; Tech - photo silkscreen on copper.

Pg 125: Top: "Silver Circle" 1999 Dim - enamel is 8" circle, framed - 16" w x 18" h x 1" d; Tech - photo silkscreen on copper with silver foil

Bottom right: "Under Water" 1998 Dim - enamel is 8" circle, framed -16" w x 18" h x 1" d; Tech - photo silkscreen and print with acrylic poster ink on coper with silver foil

Bottom left: " Breaking Rules" 1999 Dim - enamel is 6" sq., framed - 12" square x 1" d; Tech - photo silkscreen and sgraffito on copper with silver foil

Pg 126: "Save the Trees" 2002 Dim: 8" sq, with frame - 16" x 18" x 1"; Tech - photo silkscreen on copper with silver foil.

Corwin, Isabella Pg 71: "Fossil Fish" Dim - 8 1/2"w x 4" h; Tech - CLosionné with copper wire on coper plate with 24K foil
Darty, Linda Pg 2: "Backyard Bridges" Dim - 4 x 3 x 3; Tech - Champlevé on sterling silver

Pg 151: Tech - Champlevé on sterling silver

Druin, Marilyn Pg 1, 10. both are a combination of Cloisonné and Guioche and are brooches about 2"
Elliott, Helen Pg 105: "Beyond The Wall IV" Dim - 20"w x 20" h x 1"; Tech - porcelain enamel on stell with 22 K gold
Ellis, Tom Pg 112, 113, 115
Fillion, Norman Pg 45: "Whispers" Dim - 19" w x 16" h (without frame); Tech - Sifted and dry applied and black overglaze, transparent enamels on white background on copper.
Fontans, Dee Pg 128: "Faces of Canada" Materials - Enamel, sterling, moonstones

Pg 129: left - "Faces of Canada - detail"

Top right - "Kurt Matzdorf" Tech - Cloisonné pendant

Bottom - "Moon Dro Earrings" Materials - enaeml, fine silver, moonstone

Pg 130: "Moon Over The Mountain" Materials - enamel, fine silver, moonstone

Frank, Ricky Pg 7: "Adirondack Sunset" Brooch. Dim - 1.5"w x 3" h; Tech - Cloisonné enamel, 24k, 22K,18K gold, with freshwater pearl, diamonds, amethyst
Fuhrman, Leni Pg 11: Untitled Cracked Bowl. Dim - 5" w x 5.5" h x 2"; Tech - Raku on copper
Geddes, Aileen Pg 140, 141, 144
Harrell, Jan Authur Pg 133: "Vertebrae Series Collar" Dim - 19" long x 1" x .5"; Tech - Champlevé and Basse Taille ib sterling/copper/24K gold, washers and pearl
Hunter, Marianne Marianne's applies the enamel dry and uses foils

Pg 2: "Aurora"

Pg 71:

Pg 145: "The Desert"

Jasen, J. E. Pg 12: "Windows Enamel" Dim - 24" sq x 2"; Tech - decals

Pg 56: Tech - decals with luster and Paladium leaf

Pg 57: Left: "Standing Figure" Dim - 12" high; Tech - Cloisonné with decals

Top right: "Counting Flowers on the Wall" Tech - decals

Bottom right: Dim - 10" w x 8" h; Tech - decals

Pg 58:

Killmaster, John Pg 6: "Cry, of eye of the Rain Forest for we will not see" 1990. Dim - 18H w x 21"h x 3" d; Tech - Sgraffito and grisaille, porcelain enamel granular color spray on repousse steel.
Kline, Vivian Pg 2: "Cityscape" Dim - 14" x 10" x 24"; Tech - reconfigured 18 gauge copper bowls into scultural pieces, glazed first in black and then scraffitoed thru a second glaze of white crackle to give the idea of old buildings.
Koeppen, Edith Pg 65: Tech - CLosionné
Komrad, Audrey B. Pg 151: "Floral Fantasy"; Dim - 9" h x 14"w x 2"d; Tech - Cppper screening - cut, hammered, formed and enameled. (sometimes called copper plique-a-jour). Mounted on platform of black crystal lucite.
Kulicke, Fredricka Pg 8: Two "Garnet Jewels", one in fine silver and one in gold.
Kulicke, Robert Pg 24: known as the Kulicke Pear - Cloisonné enameling on fine silver
Kuller, Ora Pg 25: Tech - Deliberate Breakthrough with enamel watercolors on copper

Pg 77: left - detail of top right; Top right: "From My Cup of Tea" Tech - Limoges on copper and silver

Bottom right: "My Mother on her Wedding Day". Tech - Limoges on copper

Pg 78: "My Daughter" Tech - Limoges on copper and silver

Pg 145: "Swan" Tech - Grisaille on copper

Laskin, Rebeka Pg 12: Brooches. Dim - 1.5" each; Tech - enamel on copper with use of firescale, set in sterling silver
Lewton-Brain, Charles Pg 61, 62
Lozier, Deborah Pg 11: "Teapot Kimona" Dim - 6.5" w x 7.5" h x 4"; Tech - torched fired Champlevé, painted, patina on copper
MacKarell, Joan Pg 65 (2)
Malenda, James Pg 6: "Dessert Trowel" Tech - Limoges with decals, fine and sterling silver
McFadyen, Barbara N. Pg 2: "Towards East" Brooch; Dim - 1.5" w x 2.75" h; Tech - Champlevé on sterling silver fabricated w/ 22K, 18K, 14K gold and Boulder Opal

Pg 45: Earrings, Winged Enameled Series; Dim - 1.25" w x 1.25" h; Techinque - Basse Taille with 24K gold foil, underglaze, transparent enamels on sterling silver, fabricated with 22K, 18K and 14K gold with Amethyst

McGuckin, Irene
(metalsmith Susan Elizabeth Wood)
Pg 71: "Hand Me The Wine and The Dice" Dim - 5.5 cm w x 6.5 cm h; Tech - Cloisonné on fine silver

Pg 151: "The Roads Not Taken" Dim - 6 cm w x 6.6 cm h; Tech - Closionné on fine silver

Miller, Christina T. Pg 45:Tech - Limoge with liquid enamel on copper and gold foil

Pg 105: "Explosive object" Dim - 16.5cm x 7.5cm x 7.5cm; Tech - Enameled tell, rust prints, sterling silver, hidden wood

Minor, Barbara Pg 7: Bead and Sheet Disc Pendant collection. Tech - enameled on formed silver and copper, 24K gold foil and overglazes, sterling and 18K gold finishing elements
Parisi, Ray Pg 9: Dim - 7" circle; Tech - Basse-Taille
Perkins, Sarah Pg 146: "Classic Folded Vessel" 1999 Dim - 4" w x 8.5" h; Materials - silver, enamel

Pg 147: "Blue Intersections" Dim - 5" w x 8" h; Tech - Cloisonné on coper with silver

"Jay's" Dim - 6" square; Materials - copper, silver

"Shares" Dim - 8" x 7" x 6"; Materials - silver and ebony

Pg 150: "Water Tower Cup" Dim - about 2.75" w x 4.5" h; Tech - Cloisonné

Pohl, Karin Pg 8: "Madonna and Child" after Sano di Pietro - Florentine. Pendant. Dim - 2" w x 1.5" h; Tech - Limoges, 24k gold foil, silver foil, 22K gold granules, 24k gold leaf, set in 14K gold with Hassonite garnet. Limited Ed 3 with variations

Pg 10: "Imperial Egg Box" Dim - 2 1/2" h x 1 3/4" w; Tech - Limoges using transparent and opalescent enamels over 24K gold foil, liquid gold, painting enamels, set in 18K gold .03 ct diamond, 14K gold stand

Pg 65: "Snow Leopard" Dim - 2" w x 1 1/4" w; Tech - Limoges set in sterling silver and 22K gold with boulder opal. Limited Ed 4 with variations

Rae, Merry-Lee Pg 9: "Nouveau Octopus" Pendant Dim - 2.5" w; Tech - CLoisonné with fine gold wires set in 18k gold with amethyst. Limited Edition of 13
Ratz, W. Doris Pg 105: "Vitreous Variations" Dim - 14" h x 11" w; Tech - enamel on folded, shaped, hammered, repoussed copper foil, basse-taille, silk screening, liquid enamels, underfiriing, enameled twisted coiled copper wire.
Regula, Ingrid Pg 40: Dim - 2.5" h x 2" w; Tech - Basse Taille on copper set with moss agate and shells and a roman chain.

Pg 41:
Top left: "Phoenix Rising" Dim - 2.5" x 2.5" x 2"; Tech - Basse Taille on copper with amethyst. Box with wearable lid/necklace on an 18" chain with amathyst beads plus earrings.

Right: Dim - 2.5" x 3" h; Tech - Basse Taille on copper with sterling silver and azurite on 18" handmade chain

Bottom left: Dim - 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" x 1"; Tech - Basse Taille on copper with foil. Box with wearable lid/pin and matching earrings with tourmaline chips

Pg 42: Dim - 2.5" w x 2" h; Tech - Basse Taille on copper then set in Sterling Silver with tourmalines with a cast silver twig and a detachable hand woven chain

Reynolds, Mary S. Pg 18: "Palmetto Fan" Bar Pin, 2001. Dim - 2.5" x 1.25"; Tech - two pieces, both in PMC+; Top piece is Champlevé mounted in Sterling silver; hanging piece is Basse Taille.

Pg 151: "Peacock Fan" Necklace, 2001. Dim - 2.5"w x 1.5" h; Pendant and reversible end-caps made with PMC+. Tech - Basse Taille

Riva, Roxane Pg 134: "The force that through the green fuse drives the flower" Dim - 47"h x 35"w x 1 1/2" d; Tech - enamel screening paste, brushed

Pg 135:
* top left: "Memory" 1 of 2 panels Dim - each 50"h x 30"w x 1/2" d; Tech - airbrushed liquid porcelain enamel, sprayed and water degraded

* top right: "Microcosm Series #1" Dim - 15"h x 35"w x 1 14" d; Tech - Riso screens, dry sifted

* bottom: "Global Warming, Collateral Damage" Dim - 15"h x 15w x 2"d; Tech - torch altered metal, manipulated cheesecloth stencil, controlled burn out

Pg 136: "Tectonics" Dim - 15"h x 15"w x 2"d; Tech - stencil

Pg 138, Photo #6: Dim - 15"h x 35"w x 1 14" d; Tech - Stencil

Pg 139:
* Photo #8: Dim - 11"h x 17"w x 2" d; Tech - cheesecloth stencil

* Photo #10: See "Tectonics" above.

Robb, Deanna R. Pg 2: "Homage" Dim - 14"h x 29"w x 1"d; Tech - basse-taille, enamel on copper & steel with brass
Rooke, Faye Pg 10: "Azaleas" with detail Dim - 2 cm x 12 cm d; Tech - Shotai-Jippo Plique-à-jour, fine silver.
Rooke-Harris, Diane Pg 12: "Night Dance" 1997; Dim - 39cm h x 33cm w x 4cm d; Tech: enamel on folded copper with Fine Silver wire and f/s paillons (foil)

Pg 105: "Dream Catcher" 1996 Dim: 28cm(h) x 22cm(w); Tech: enamel on folded copper with silver paillons, copper tubing, brass wire, feathers, grape vine and hand-made beads.

Ross, D. X. Pg 72: "Ocean Thoughts" Dim - 3" length; Tech - Grisaille

Pg 73: "Daneen" Dim - 1 5/8" wide; Tech - Grisaille with sterling and crystal

"Magic Cat" Dim - 1.5" length; Tech - Grisaille with a silver moon stone

"Magic Rabbit" Dim - enamel is 1", pendant is 1.75" long; Tech - Grisaille

Pg 74: Cat face in Grisaille

Schwed, Antonia Pg 9
Shaffer, Coral Pg 66: "Midnight Moon Fan" Tech - Ginbari Foil Embossing

Pg 67: "Four Seasons Teapot" Tech - Cloisonné on copper, plated with gold

"Small Covered Bowl" Tech - Shotai-Jippo Plique-à-jour

right side: plate in Ginbari Foil Embossing

Pg 68: light swtich plate Tech - Ginbari Foil Embossing on copper

Shepps, Averill B. Pg 92, 93, 94
Slepian, Marian Pg 96: "Fragments of Memories" Dim - 32" w x 22" h; Tech - Cloisonné

Cloisonné Spice Box; Dim - 3" w x 6" h

Pg 97: "Concerto D'Aranjuez" Dim - 34" w x 16" h; Tech - Cloisonné

"Distant Places" Dim - 28" w x 19" h; Tech - Cloisonné

Pg 99: "The Three Pillars" Dim - 72" w x 36" h; Tech - Cloisonné. Hung a Or Ami synagogue in Lafayelle Hill, PA.

Stone, Judy Pg 86, 87, 88
Szabados, Mona
(metalsmith Alex Szabados)
Pg 8: Tech - Grisaille-Limoges w/ 24K gold foil, granules, fine silver and palladium foil, transparent and opalescent enamel fired about 30 times.
Tanzer, Jo Ann Pg 11: "Dancing Landscape" Dim - 12" circle; Tech - Sgrafitto and silkscreen on Steel
Timofeev, Valeri Pg 10
Tudor, Jean Pg 11: "Along the River. Missouri" Dim - 6" w x 5.25" h x .5 " d; Tech - Silver Closionné on copper with inlaid silver foil and copper mesh. 1990. (From The Lay of the Land series.). Photo by J. Tudor

Pg 106: "My Life/Her Life: Ana" Dim - 10"w x 11"h x 2.75"d; Tech - Silver and copper wire cloisonné enamel on copper, inlaid decals, enamel frit. Ecuadorian grave doll in center by an unknown Ecuadorian woman. 2000. Photo by J. Tudor

Pg 107: Top: "Places of Power: West Kennett II" Dim - 9.25"w x 8"h x .25"d (Now framed: 13.5"w x 13.75"h x 1.5"d).; Tech - Silver cloisonné enamel on copper with gold foil inlay. Cloisonné piece is fastened to a background of raku-fired enamel. 2001-2. Photo by Ralph Gabriner.

Bottom Left: "My Life/Her Life: Diosalina" Dim - 11"w x 12"h x 2.75"d. Silver and copper cloisonné enamel on 18 ga copper, with enameled "corrugated" copper tooling foil sheets applied on "shack" side. Ecuadorian grave doll in center by unknown Ecuadorian woman. 2000. Photo by J. Tudor.

Bottom right: "Winter Patterns, Summer Contours" Dim - Each piece: 5"w x 6"h x .5"d; Silver cloisonné enamel on copper, set of two. Silver foil and copper screening inlaid in both pieces. "Comb" striations. 1998. (From The Lay of the Land Series.) Photo by J. Tudor.

Pg 108: Raku-fired bowl. Dim -6" dia x 4"h; Tech - Lead-free enamels, both opaque and transparent. Silver nitrate solution used. 2001. Photo by Ralph Gabriner.

Turrell, Elizabeth Pg 133: Sampler. Dim - 6" square; Tech - enamel on stitched and perforated copper foil
Viehman, Don Pg 37 (2)
Wetmore, Debbie Pg 145: Cloisonné
Willis, Susan Pg 45: "Yesterday" - one of a series of 3 sculptural works (Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow) mounted in painted wood boxes. Dim - enamel 6"w x 12" h x 3" d; outside - 14" w x 22"h x 5" d; Tech - enameled on fold-formed copper, opaque enamel is painted and sifted, and includes gold foil and enamel threads, matte surfaces are chemically etched. In collection of Charles and Ashley Wile.
Wood, Katharine Pg 46: "Tribal Rites"

Pg 47: "Chac III" Dim - 24" square; Tech - Champlevé on copper, plated with gold

"Rocket Machine Shop" Dim 18" square; Tech - Champlevé

"Terra Incognita" Dim - 6" square; Tech - Champlevé

Pg 48: Tech - Champlevé on copper

Wright, Sally Pg 28: "Cathedral " Dim - 8" square; Tech - Sifting,wet inlay, firescale on copper. Sorry, but this photo is upside down.

Pg 116: "Ocean Eyes" Dim - 7 1/2" w x 4" h; Tech - Champlevé on copper with fine silver foil and firescale

Pg 117: "Frog necklace" Dim - 30" in length (each frog about 2 1/2' in length); Tech - Sifting,wet inlay and firescale

"Convergence" Dim - 14" square; Tech - Sifting, stencils, sgraffito, wet inlay, firescale with fine silver foil

"Venetian Sky Brooch" Dim - 3 5/8" w x 3/4" h; Tech - Wet inlaywork and gold foil

Pg 120: Dim - 4.25" diameter; Tech - Sgraffito with silver foil

Pg 123: Dim - 4" square; Tech - Stenciling and Sgraffito

Zoffness, Sharon Pg 105: Tech - Champlevé on copper, plated with gold