The Art of Fine Enameling Home Page

Welcome to the wonderful world of enamels! A world so diverse, that practically no other medium can compare. Not only is there a variety of techniques to use, but also a wide range of what can be enameled.

But what is enameling? In easiest terms enameling is the fusing of glass to metal under high heat conditions. Thus anything that can be made out of metal can be enameled; anything from vases to spoons, to frames to jewelry, from metal mesh to solid forms, from large to small, from fancy to plain. Even the tub inside your common household washing machine is most likely enameled.

This book is a look into the beauty of fine enameling, where artwork is created with colors and textures that bring joy to the heart. To start, why not just browse the tantalizing photos that are included. You will get a feel for the diversity of the medium and the charm of the finished pieces. And unlike painting and fabric art, enamels won’t fade with time; they are as permanent a medium as you will find.

The included projects give a survey of techniques from the traditional, such as Cloisonné, Champlevé, and Plique-à-jour, to the more experimental, like Raku. Each project was created and written by the individual artists using their personal techniques. These are meant to be a starting point for your own creations.

Enameling has been an art form for centuries. Much as been written and shown of the old masters like Fabergé and Lalique and from The Limoges School. But what about today’s enamelists? Although not great in number, they are great in workmanship. Thus, I have made this book a celebration of modern enamelists whose work is truly wonderful.

So, get ready to learn a few things and to enjoy the view!