Information for enameling books is never really done; as Jean Vormelker says: the 3Ls - Life Long Learning. Thus, the TOC and projects listed below include links to new information or updates that were not able to make it into the book. In addition, I have listed any corrections to the book that have been reported. I look at myself at being the Archivist of Contempory Enameling in that I'm trying to document all new things I can find. To this end I am also listing links to enamel education - videos, on-line webinars and classes available.

I teach enameling at the John C. Campbell Folk School. If you are not already a member of The Enamelist Society or any other organizations, please consider joining. The Carpenter Art Enamel Foundation has transitioned.

Also, I'm heavily into beading, mainly Bead Embroidery. But I also work with other beading techniques. If you'd like to learn more about seed beads, see my Bead Knowledge Center. For all of you parents and grandparent, here is something to help you bond with the kids... my daughter and grandson started a YouTube channel about kid friendly foods - check it out: The Finnegan Clan.

Many comments are being made about all the new things described in the book. One person asked me how I found all these things. Read here about my philosophy in writing this edition.

Table of Contents

The TOC and Projects have many links with new information. If you are not sure where to find something, look in your book's index and see in which chapter that topic is described. Then, look for that chapter below and any link it has to new information. If you have something new you'd like to share, just contact me and we can discuss it. Enjoy the new info linked...


Corrections to the book
Enameling Education - videos and classes


Photos from all the projects are shown below, but only those with updated information have links. More information for these might become available so please come back again. Links to the project artists are on the Overview page and not shown here again so the number of links is not distracting.

Basse Taille

Basse Taille
by Ingrid Regula


by Katharine S. Wood


by Karen L. Cohen


by June E. Jasen

Eutectic Effect

Eutectic Effect
by Averill B. Shepps


by Charles Lewton-Brain


Ginbari Foil Embossing
by Coral Shaffer

Graphite Pencil

Graphite Pencil
by jbEbert

Impasto, Grisaille, Camaieu

Impasto, Grisaille and Camaïeu
by Marilyn Seitlin Tendrich

metal Clay silver

Metal Clay - Silver
by Pam East


Painting with Enamel – Traditonal Limoges
by Ora Kuller


Painting with Enamel – with an Emphasis on Drawing
by Mi-Sook Hur

Pitting Enamels

Pitting Enamels
by Jean Tudor


Diane Echnoz Almeyda

Separation Enamel

Separation Enamel
by Tom Ellis

Sgraffito - LIquid

Sgraffito – Liquid Enamel with Layered Wet-Floating
by Judy Stone

Sgraffito - Traditional

Sgraffito – Traditional
by Sally Wright


by Sally Wright

Stenciled Tile

Steel Base Enameling
by Kat Cole

Torch Fired

Torch Fired Enameling
by Steve Artz

Vessel Forms

Vessel Forms
by Sarah Perkins



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