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Coversion of Wire Gauge to Drill Bit Size

A table is provided in the book and easy to find on the net, but here is my conversion list from my Bead Knowledge Center about seed beads.

Organizations to Join and Enamel Support Organizations

If you don't find an organization listed that is good for you, see The Enamelist Society website for more.

  • Carpenter Art Enamel Foundation (CAEF)—
    Their website says, “Our mission is to teach, support, and inspire the creation and use of enameled art and jewelry by hobbyists, artists, students, and educators worldwide.” They sponsor workshops, have a museum of enamels, and sell enamel supplies.
  • Center for Enamel Art—
    Their website says, “Our goal is to foster community among enamel artists and art-lovers alike—to preserve and promote the art of enameling.” They offer workshops, sponsor exhibitions, and have a space where any artist can work with and within the enamel industry in Santa Rosa, California.
  • Enamel Guild NE (EG/NE)—
    Local organization for Northeast—from Maine to Florida!
  • Grains of Glass—
    Online social network for enamelists
  • Porcelain Enamel Institute Inc. (PEI)—
    For the commercial enamel industry—PEI hosts technical meetings, trains enamelers, participates in trade shows, and lobbies in Washington, DC.
  • The Enamel Arts Foundation—
    Their website says, “The purpose of The Enamel Arts Foundation is to promote awareness, understanding, and appreciation of modern enameling as a vibrant art form.”
  • The Enamelist Society (TES)—
    National organization for enameling. Has members from other countries too. If you don’t live in the Northeast
    of the United States, see this site for a local guild near you.


Check out the book's Resources - feel free to print or download this .pdf file. If I find any more, they will be posted here.

Divisions of a Circle

Ever want to find even marks around a circle? Here is a file that can help you - the Divisions of a Circle - just click on the name to go to the .pdf and then either print or save the file to your hard drive. Free free to give it out or use it as you want.