Enamel Apllication Chapter

This chapter in the book discusses the various aspects of metal like which to enamel on, how to prepare the surface to enamel, etching, wire work and more. Below is some extra information.

Copper Mesh

Here's another use for copper mesh... Barbara Minor does a beautiful job of enameling on formed metal, included mesh with liquid enamel and gold foil! In the 2.5" x 2.5" piece below, titled "Screen Floral", she uses liquid enamel on the formed copper screening with 24 kt gold foil and includes fabricated sterling silver, brass and glass; photo credit: Ralph Gabriner. She teaches this and many other techniques - Barbara's class schedule can be viewed on-line.

Barbara Minor Screen Floral pin


The book discusses various aspects of etching, including step by step on electro etching. it enourages the reader to read more about other aspects of the etching process.

In years past, Coral Shaffer wrote and sold a text on etching that gave all the ins and outs of the process. She is now retired and so graciously allowed me to include her text on my site. Relief Etching for Jewelers And Enamelists, by Coral Shaffer is now copyright free, and can be downloaded from the link provided. Thank you Coral!!! Disclaimer: this was written quite a few years ago so certainly some of the resouces are incorrect and possible some old information is included.


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