Foldforming is a metal technique that can be used with or without enameling. The "father" of foldforming is Charles Lewton-Brain who wrote the project in the book. A simple set of line folds are used in the project, but the chapter provides examples of many complex folds that would be great for enameling. A specialize form of Foldforming is called Score and Fold which can either be freeform or in patterns. Another type of specialty Foldforming was done by Harold Tishler and a mini-project on one of his patterns is provided in the book. Below is more information on Foldforming.


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Charles Lewton-Brain has many videos on, some about Foldforming and some on other metalsmithing techniques. Charles also sells CDs and many books on a variety of topics. Others also have videos on - just seach on Foldforming.

Score and Fold - A 5 and 6 pointed star

Teresa Olavarria provides well laid out patterns for the score and fold method for 5 and 6 pointed stars. These make great ornaments. Multiple sizes are provided, but these can be resized. Teresa teachs at both Rosewood Art Centre in Kettering, OH and the Carpenter Art Enamel Foundation. Check the links to find her schedule.

by Teresa Olvarria by Karen L. Cohen

Class with Charles Lewton-Brain

Just had a class with Charles at Peters Valley and it was terrific. He teaches at many places so check your nearest craft center to see if he's scheduled. We learned tons of folds. I made this bowl on the 4th day of class. Mmm now need to decide if I enamel it or just add a patina. Charles does sell a book on patinas for metal finishing.

foldformed bowl