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Pam East, who wrote the this project, has many many helpful tips on working will all forms of metal clay. Sign up for her newsletter and get the latest information.


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Alternative Firing Methods for Silver Clay

Not ready to invest in a regular kiln? You can fire metal clay in an Ultralite Kiln easily and affordably! This new youtube video will show you how. 

Enameling with warm colors

First-rate reds, perfect purples, peerless pinks. Get ready for getting great results with warm colors on Art Clay Silver! This workshop will take you start to finish. You’ll learn what to look for when constructing for enamels and how to get great results and shading with warm color leaded enamels. Unlock the full enameling spectrum! Pam will be teaching in CA, IL and NC this summer.

San Jose, CA ~ Creator Have

Chicago, IL ~ Art Clay World, USA

Brasstown, NC ~ John C. Campbell Folk Schoolgold accent on metal clay

Gold Accent

Pam now has a video on adding gold accents to your metal clay.

Tools for Metal Clay

Pam has developed quite a few tools to be used with metal clay of all types and gives workshops. Check out her webstie for more information.