Technology Chapter

As computers and other technologies advance, there is more and more than can be done to aid enameling. This chapter provides information in this area.

From talking with others, the author finds out additional uses of technology. This page provides the new information, not in the book, in the order of the sub-table of contents enteries.

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Technology Chapter

  • CAD – Computer Aided Design
  • Electronics
    • Computer Graphics
    • Smart Phones/Tablets
      new information
        • Sometimes enamels of different colors have the same value and thus are not a good match for side by side coloring. To test for this, take a photo of the colors on your device and edit the photo to black and white. If there is not much of a difference in black and white, you might consider choosing different colors.
  • Electroytic Etching / Electro Etching
  • Electroforming
  • Engine Turning Machines
  • Engraving Fused Enamel
  • Machines for Scrapbooking
    • Silhouette Curio
    • Sizzix esclips2 Machine