Responses to the book have been so wonderful. I want to thank all of you for your support. Here are some commetns I've gotten, some of which have been posted on Facebook and Instagram...


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I brought [on vacation] your fabulous book so I can read all the detailed exciting information. I love how you have laid it out! You did an amazing job!

... Barbara McFayden

OMG! I got your book and it is just fantastic!!! Amazing!!! So much information in such a beautiful package!! Thank you so much!! I am just getting lost in it!! Asking Santa for some enameling supplies this year!!

... Adrienne M

I LOVE it!!!  It’s very Karen in it’s organization and thoroughness in achieving it’s apparent goals in the first half, educating newbies and serving as a reference for others. But the photos of the projects in the second half just take my breath away. I have never been interested in painting – – I’m not interested in the medium, and it just hangs on the 
wall :-).  I love the glazes, colors and textures on pottery, but I have a zilch interest in making a pot.  But enameling looks like the perfect world to me – – existing metal can serve as a canvas for breathtaking colors, surfaces and textures.

Friends to whom I’ve shown your book have been equally mesmerized by the projects. They are just so beautiful!  I love Judy Stone’s use of Sgraffito in creating those exquisite sculptured vessels.  (I’m always drawn in by vessels, irregular tormented shapes and pieces, and varying colored, textured surfaces.) I see Judy is head of the  Enamel Department and teaches at the Crucible in Oakland, right across the bay. ...  I’m tempted to ask [my husband] for lessons as my Christmas present...

... Diane R

I  just got your new book and it is a knock out. Truly amazing how much info and good  ideas you have put in this new one. I am really impressed by how much you have covered. I happen to like varied media so it will be like a wonderful supermarket for me. Thanks for undertaking this task. Simply excellent!

... Lois Grebe

 I am very happy to be part of the group of people you put together in this book. It represents enameling today very well.  The more I look at the book the more I find something I hadn’t seen before. It really is one of the best to be published.  Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it. ... You did an outstanding job on the book! Everyone I've talked to is impressed!

... Tom Ellis

Sooo many things I want to try that are in the book and I’m only on p. 63. 

... Donna Buckwald

Received [your book] several days ago and have been reading my way through it. I wanted to finish reading it before telling you (and facebook) how fabulous it truly is. I’ve already been recommending it. It is the actual encyclopedia for enameling that will be lusted for and used by students in the field for many years. I predict many many many editions more. Mazel Tov, luv.

... Linda Kaye-Moses

I want to thank you for the super book you did and sent to me! It is a work of love and you did a super job and with cross referencing too! And thanks for including my techniques and accompanying photos, I think folks will try some of those ways of working now that you brought attention to them. ...  Thanks again, and congrats for a great effort/a ccomplishment! 

... John H. Killmaster III, see his new Sandenameling technique

I'm so proud to be part of this incredible project, Karen Cohen has put together. THE definitive book on enameling currently in print. The Art of Fine Enamelng [second edition] will ship Nov 4th [2019]. I got my copies today and we've been reading it since noon. It has everything. Basics to advanced. If you think you know everything about enameling, I promise you'll find something new in it to inspire you. I mean, just looking at the hundreds of color pictures is sending my creative carburetor into high gear. it's simply a tour de force.

... JbEbert

"What's NEW and What's HOT?

Karen Cohen's "NEW" book

"The ART of Fine Enameling"
2nd Edition

Due Out: Nov. 2019 - Amazon

Completely revised, updated and expanded with major contributions of knowledge from our colleagues - Including ME!

There isn't a subject left behind - studio notes shared, years of experience poured into each technique by each artist - Clear and concise tutorials and advice - It's going to take you weeks to get through it - because you're going to go gaga over the photos and if you are like me, smelling a new book right off the press!

Major thanks to Karen for all this hard work - I had spend many hours on the phone with her as she poured over every detail to get the information correct.

Many thanks to our community of artists who took the time to prepare their tutorials and precise details -

... by Trish White, developer and moderator of Grains of Glass - THE social network for enamelists.

The book just came in the mail today! It is fantastic! You packed so much in and it looks beautiful! The layouts, instructions, examples and so many amazing color photos all add up to a great book. You did such a beautiful job. ...
I'm happy for you because I know how many hours and how much effort went into this project. The book definitely shows your attention and time spent.  

... Kathleen Wilcox

Congratulation on The  Art of Fine Enameling 2nd edition.  It's a beautiful, informative endeavor, well done, and a testimony to your love and dedication to enameling. I concur with Ulysses Grant Dietz when, in his forward, he discusses how comprehensive the book is.  If I were still teaching I would use it as a text.  I'm pleased to be included.

... Jim Malenda

I just received my copies yesterday.  The book is wonderful!  I am thrilled to be included!  It is so comprehensive in scope and lots of inspiring images.  I am looking forward to experimenting with some new techniques. Thanks so much for thinking of me and my work!

... Kathryn Osgood

I received my book last night, and I am thrilled!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! The book is incredible!  I am so Impressed with the quality and feel incredibly honored to be a contributor! Thanks so much for all your good work on it! Can't wait to share!

... Alisa Looney