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STudio Buttons by Paulie Rollins
Archive of Buttons

Paulie works in the media that moves her at the moment! See some of her buttons that have already sold.

All buttons are one of a kind. If you would like a cutom button, please contact me for details.

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Sculpted - Cameo in appearance with painted background

cat button


Squirrel Button


Song Bird Button


Hummingbird Button


chicken button


Dragonfly button


Seahorse button


Gnome button



Painted with Glitter Paint

Hummingbird button


Sea Turtle



PVA - Calico painted

Rooster Button







Fabric - Embroidered

Hummingbird button


bluebird button embroidered


Seahorse button

#PR3_ 6-12

Fabric - Painted

Songbird button



Fabric - Crochet

crochet button



Wood - Burned

Hummingbird button


chickadee button


Dragonfly button