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Button Links

Interested in Collecting Buttons? It's a wonderful world out there. Here are some links sure to please.

Organizations to join:

  National Button Society - find a listing of all state clubs and show schedules
  Florida State Button Society
  New Jersey State Button Society
  New York State Button Society
  Ohio - Buckeye State Button Society
  Oklahama Button Society
  Pennsylvania State Button Society


  I Want Buttons
  Byson Buttons - this dealer sometimes sells for me at shows
  Button Images by Lisa Schulz - Products used for mounting and cleaning buttons, information on identifying materials and cleaning and storing buttons, as well as a wide variety of buttons for sale, and a schedule of shows that I attend as a dealer.
  Buttons In Time - a collectors site with buttons for sale, a lot of info and good set of links
  Susan Clark Originals - many buttons including Czech glass and hand painted buttons. They also sell plastic hitch pins that will hold a button to a card.

Studio Button Makers:

  Karen L. Cohen - beaded, enameled and metal buttons
  Diane Almeyda - plique-a-jour enameled buttons, both filigree and pierced
  Jeannette Fedorka - fused glass, some with fired on hand painting and felted buttons

Educational Info

  Button Country - Button Country was conceived and designed by members of the Peach State Button Club to serve as an educational resource for existing and new collectors of antique and vintage clothing buttons. Their goal is to stimulate enthusiasm, involvement, and increased knowledge in this fascinating hobby.

How to get Your link on this page:


Other than for organizations, I only exchange links with those sites that have a link on their home page to their links page (maybe called resouces, directory, partners, or something else). If you have this then please put up a link to me with this info and then contact me with the page where my link is and I'll put a link back to you within 24 hrs. My info is:

  • Title: Studio Button Artist: Karen L. Cohen
  • Description:  Studio Buttons in Enamel, Beads and Metal. Karen specializes in Cloisonne  enamels and has written the book, The Art of Fine Enameling. In addition to  Cloisonne, Karen creates buttons in Guilloche, Basse Taille, and many other  techniques. Her beaded buttons use bead embroidery and some with silk ribbon  embroidery.
  • URL: