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Diane Echnoz Almeyda - plique a jour (which resembles miniature stained glass) enamelist making art objects.
David Bakuradze - Enamelist, painter and sculptor
Dave Berfield, Enamelist - works on steel
Barbara Louise Bowling - Enameled and Sterling Jewelry and Wearable Art
Harlan Butt - Metalsmith and enamelist who is influenced from the flora and fauna of the places he's lived
Patsy Croft - Fine Arts major specializing in Closionne Enameling at Alohilani Designs
Bernard Doherty - Austrialian Plique-á-jour artist
Dee Fontans - This site shows a selection of Dee's enamels, jewelry and performance wearable art work.
Jaime Frechette - Enamelist
David C. Freda, Metalsmith - Artist - Naturalist; does enameled orchids for Tiffany in NY
Ellen Goldman - She enamels wall panels and objects and creates batik paintings and works in various other techniques. She regularly gives workshops at her studio. She has contacts with the American Women 's Club in Den Haag, and several of their members like to come to her workshops.
Allan Heywood Enamels - Australian enamelist who also writes an e-newsletter - sign up for it on-line.
Susan Knopp - Fine cloisonné enamel jewelry, vintage silver jewelry, and Jean Gifford's paintings
Jeanette Landenwitch - A Precious Metal Clay (PMC) artist that also enamels! Jeanette is a certified PMC instructor.
Felicia Liban - enamelist and teacher in Little Neck, NY, Felicia has written a book and two videos. Her book is "Cloisonné Enameling and Jewelry Making" available at
Edmund Massow - Enamelist for nearly 40 years and editor of "coburgr Emailrundbrief"
Rick McMullen - Plique-a-jour and Champleve artist who works a lot in gold and casting.
Yvonne Pluss - enamelist from Switzerland
Mikhail Selishchev is a Russian freelance artist working in techniques of enamel art. He opened the “Khors” House of Art in 1995. Since 1997 Mikhail holds the annual Symposiums on Enamel Art in Rostov the Great.
Lucinda Sheldon - Jewels of the Vineyard at Martha's Vineyard.
Averill B. Shepps - wonderful enameled bowls and platters.
Scott Shreiner, is a self-taught enamelist, living in Berkshire Co. Massachusetts. His site also celebrates Dance.
Judy Stone - Enamelist and board member of the Enamelist Society.
Joan Strott-Alvini - all types of vitreous enamel repairs as well as custom designs. Cloisonné, Plique a jour, Champlave and limoges. Aso works with resins (so called soft or cold enamel).
Mimi Walsh - mostly creates wall pieces (many 3-dimentional) and small sculptures. She loves to experiment with combinations of techniques or try to invent her own. She enamels out of love....selling is 'icing on the cake'.
Virginia Westray - enamelist and bookbinder
Carolyn P. Williams - The Enamel Diva - cloisonne jewelry maker with one-of-a-kind pieces.
Lori Zell at Imperial Enamel Art - jewelry and sculpture.