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Welcome to my 2011 Bead Journal

The theme in 2011: Artist Trading Cards (ATCs). I became interested in ATCs when I found some on the web. I've always wanted to make a few so this is my chance. ATCs have two requirements, from what I have read: they have to be 2.5" x 3.5" and they have to be swapped, not sold.

Now I've found out about ACEOs - those Artist cards that can be sold - they are originals and editions. Same size.

A big challenge for me is getting the piece to be the correct size as I usually add beading to the edges. I didn't think I was "journaling" each month, but somehow after 3 months it seemed that each piece was a journal of that month so I've added that to my series.

I am happy to talk with any artist, regardless of media, on swapping. Please email me if you want to swap. if all of mine are taken, I'd be happy to make a new one to swap.

If you click on any image on this page, a larger version will be displayed in a separate window. Once I start swapping, I'll put up the pieces I've swapped for.


January BJP 2011

Glass beads and
Swarovski Crystal Sequins

Wintering in FLorida
Seahorse reps the ocean.

Swapped with Rita Litton


February Bead Jounal Project 2011

Glass beads, Bamboo,
Silk Ribbon and Tuaga Nut

Gardening in FLorida


BJP March 2011

Glass beads, Silk Ribbon,
Swarovski Crystal Sequins,
Fused Dichroic Rune - Creativity

Celebrates National Craft Month

Swapped with Roxan O'B


April 2011 BJP

Glass beads, toy Mah Jongg tile, metal Chinese coins, bamboo for luck, Pearls for concentration, focus and wisdom, Swarovski Crystal Sequins and machine embroidered character for Friend

Celebrates the new Mah Jongg card for 2011 being
issued this month.

Swapped with my sister,
Susan J Rochlin


Glass beads, Spong Coral bird, Antique Black Nail Heads,
Grisaille Enamel.

Roll mouse over image to
see the enamel only.

Celebrates going to my Enamel Guild conference and workshop on Grisaille (technique where
you start with a black base and build up a white wash to form your design).

I'm keeping this one so I will not swap it.


2170 June

Glass beads, Swarovski Crystal Sequins, buttons made of wood and plastic, fine silver discs.

Celebrates Buttons - mainly because I sold my 1st beaded button at a Button Show, but also because I started beading because of beaded buttons. The fine silver discs are the start of buttons I was going to make.

Any interest in buttons? Check mine out.

Swapped with
PeriJane Zarembok


2231 - July BJP

Using vitreous unleaded enamel on copper with fine silver balls and twisted wire and flower wafers on top, glass beads, metal star, Swarovski Crystal star, lampwork heart and dot brads, on cotton.

Celebrates Camp Med-O-Lark which I go to each summer for 6 weeks (this was my 9th summer). The enamel represents my new "Weirdo Enameling" class at camp with doing eutectic enameling, the heart represents that I love teaching, the stars represent my students who are so wonderful and create just great pieces.

swapped with Robin Atkins


August BJP

Glass and metal beads

Celebrates relaxing and doing what

Swapped with
Queen Marcy (Antle)


Sept BJP

Glass beads, brass brad, pearls, crystal butterfly, polymer beads, machine embroidery.

Celebrates my daughter, Judith, going to Le Cordon Bleu collece of culinary arts. The bullseye is because this is right on, the heart is becuase she loves cooking, the butterfly is because she is going through a metamorphsis, and the flames represent cooking.

Swapped with Brenda Brousseau
This design is of a Mayan glyph called Hanub Ku.


Oct #2296

Using metal charms, silk ribbon embroidered flowers, glass beads, Swarovski Crystal Heart, aluminum roses, copper Hope sign, shell and metal butterfly and plastic "gift".

Represents my birthday! Using some of my favorite thiings: Buddha, hand for massage, butterfly, heart for love, hope sign because no matter what, I also have hope that things will turn out right, my favorite bead (in the ruffle) and flowers including the aluminum roses that are so pretty. With a birthday package for me!

Swapped with Danielle Grant


BJP Nov 2011

Using glass beads, bone donuts, metal maple leaf shaped brads, goldstone, metal spacers and feather boa.

Represents Fall in November.

Swapped wth Sue Brown saying on it is
"Let Your LIght Shine Two"


December ATC

Using printed map that was laminated, glass beads, Swarovski Cyrstal Sequins, resin snowflake and metal brad.

Represents my trip from PA (the snow) to FL (balmy palm trees) for the winter.

Swapped with Susan Calkins


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