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Beaded Home Accessories

Here are some of my Home Accessories like wall pieces, photo frames and more.

See my enameled wall piece, too. I also make purse mirrors (2" diameter) that come with an easel so that they can also be used for a small piece of artwork on your coffee table. And I have wall pieces from my Bead Journal Project, so check these out, too.

Wall Pieces

Wall Mirror #1399

#1399 - Wall Mirror with beaded frame. mirror can be replaced with a photo. Dim: 7.75" round; mirror is just under 5".

Price: $800

Run your mouse over the image to see a detail view. Click on image to see a larger view.

Triangular Vision #495 - Triangular Vision: brooch - fine silver twisted wires and balls, gold foil and luster on top; stick pin with triangular fine silver and sculptural beading with pearls, amethyst, labordorite, carnelian, onyx, peridot and Swarovski crystals hold pin on. Stick pin can be worn separately. Sits on a beaded wall piece from which it can be removed. Dim: Pin-2” square; Wall Piece-5 3/4"w x 7 1/4" h

Price: $800Sold

Roll mouse over image to see detail of brooch. Click on image to see a larger view.


#1391 - "Med-O-Lark Madness" - sculpture created around a rock. 2 views. $185

#2022 Beaded Rock

#2022 - "Rocking" - sculputure created around a rock. 2 views. Dim: 2" x 2" x 1.5"h. $125

Beaded Rock #2022 back


#1403 - beaded with lid using horizontal strips of various glass beads; topped speciality beads including small donuts and millifiore. Dim: 3 wide x 2 3/4" h

Price: $130

#1413 - beaded with glass beads and detailed with Swarovski crystals. Dim: 2.5 wide x 2.25" h

Price: $75

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