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Jewels - unset

The following jewels are ready to be set into any type of piece; use like any stone cabochon. If you don't see one in the colors or theme you want, just email me to discuss a custom piece. Most of these jewels are enameled, but some are various types of metal work; a variety of enameling techniques are employed.

I also have Doll Faces for use by any doll maker.

I'm happy to sell to other artists to use in their own work. This is like buying a cabochon or glass jewel from another artist. Custom work accepted.

Table of Contents:

Cloisonne Jewels

These Cloisonne Jewels are fired in a kiln about 15 times.

sold#739 "Mother and Child"
Cloisonne and Guilloche (straight moirée) on fine silver heart with 24K gold wires using leaded vitreous enamels with 24K gold balls and twisted wires and green luster on top. Dim: 1 7/8" w x 1 5/8" h


This is a typical abstract jewel that I make - Cloisonne on fine silver Guilloche (moire pattern) using leaded vitreous enamels with fine silver balls and twisted wires and gold luster on top. Dim: 1.25" circle

n/a, would have been $250

Jewel #1532 was used in my Beaded Mask

Champleve Enameled Jewels

Repouseed fine silver with champleve enameling using leaded vitreous enamels decorated on top with fine silver twisted wires and balls and glass balls.


Reticulated Foils Enameled Jewels

Reticulated Foils jewel w/ gold butterfly

sold#1213 - 1.5" circle on copper with gold butterfly decal on top

I have used this piece, but left to show it here for reference.

Crackle Enamled Jewels

Special enamel that has a chemical reaction with the undercoated enamel so that it separates to get an arbitrary pattern. These get fired about 5 times.

Crackle enamel (sky and peacock blues) on copper with golden clear background. Dim: 1.5"w x 1" h


Crackle enamel (black, red and beige) on copper with golden clear background. Dim: 1.5"w x 1" h


Mokume-Gane Jewels

A metalsmitting technique where layers of metal (in my case 19 layers of fine silver and copper) are fused, forged, rolled, ground, rolled and finished to produce a wood-grain type of pattern of the metals.

Mokume Gane (f/s and copper) triangle.


Mokume Gane (f/s and copper) tab shape.



Mokume Gane (f/s and copper) kite shape.


Kuem Boo Jewels

A Korean metalsmiting technique in which thick 24K gold foil is fused to another metal (in my case fine silver)

Kuem Boo (dragonfly and vines pattern) on fine silver rolled with rice paper pattern. Hole can be used to bead through.


Fused Glass Jewels

each priced at $18

#680 - silver and gold foil on bottom with green frit to make bubbles. dim: 1.75" w x 1.5" h
#688 - silver and gold foil background under pink glass with purple and green thread design. Dim: 1.5" w x 1.125" h
#690 - opaq blue background with bubble design and irrescent glass on top. Dim: 2.5" w x 1.5" h
#1416 - opaq lilac background with blue and maroon dots and lines. Dim: 1 5/8" w x 7/8" h
#601 - Fused glass jewel with stringer stripes and light orchid background
#602 - fused glass with green background. Dim: 2" w x 1.5" h
#1456 - fused glass with stringer stripes and yellow background.